Time and history


Time is a concept that has been present in our lives from the day we are born, but the main difficulty is in dissociating time from time measuring. We measure time fractions, seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, decades, millennia….but what time really is?
We are able to perceive the effects of time in our lives, but we can’t see time. Time is painless, is tasteless…how do we know time is passing us by, then? Because we live, and we experience the world around us, and we do it all through time.
It is funny how we are always running out of time, when we can’t even feel it. It is funny how time became an excuse for everything, we became slaves of time counting, rather than time itself.
For westerns,  time is linear and everyday is a new day, you keep moving forward and things aren’t correlated.  For Indians, time is circular and you keep reliving time over and over, trying to perfect yourself.
For me time is spiral,  you repeat patterns, but you learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Never underestimate the value of your past. Never doubt your ability to develop something better. Build today your tomorrow, always aware of yesterday.