Achievements vs. Status


We often confuse a person’s status with her achievements in life.  We imagine that one is admired due to one’s conquers, but it is often not the case. Society isn’t  perfect.  It is actually far from it, and moral values are twisted. Money became more important than hard work. Those who represent us are no longer leaders, but those who bought their way into the top, and represent nothing we believe in.
So, what should we look for,  status or achievements? Achievements make us better people, enable learning,  promote growth. Status stands only for as long as the reason why you got it still stands.
A chess game is played with all 16 pieces, not only the king. They each play their role on the victory conquest. At the end of the game,  the King and the pawn go back in the same box. Status means nothing at the end,  but victory or loss depends on how well one served his purpose on the table.