Cars and Solar Energy Power

I was reading the article “Is Ford’s Solar Car The Holy Grail For Renewable Energy-Powered Transportation?“, when I realized we are always talking about the future as something that is never going to come. Technology is advancing at a rate we have never seen, and the gap between our ideas and our achievements is becoming narrower as time goes by.

This actually makes me really happy, because it gives me the feeling that anything is possible, and also breaks my initial idea that people will only invest hard on R&D for new energy sources once our fossil fuels are nearly extinct. I am glad I was wrong, and I hope this kind of product can become more accessible and part of our day to day life.

My personal congratulations to Ford,  a truly pioneer company. I am pleased to see that the famous Fordism motto “You can have any colour as long as it’s black.” has now given place to innovation, sustainable development and technology.