Project Management – Lack of Communication

As a BA Management and Pricing Analyst in a big company, I do know a thing or two about Project Management. There is always a lot of planning, endless meetings and follow ups, but the main thing most of projects lack is communication. People are used to giving speeches one to another, but not used to talking to each other. Opinions are given, regardless if they are being listened. The reason why most projects fail is because people assume others know what they are talking about, and people who were supposed to be listening assume they already know what the speaker is talking about. Among so many assumptions, communication gets lost somewhere.

I remember when I was beginning to learn German, it always bugged me when the verb becomes the last word of a sentence. It takes so long to deliver the full idea. Today I understand this is a blessing. I am not fluent in German, I just know somethings, but I also realize how much language affects the way people think. When you have yo wait until the very end of the sentence to have the most important information, there is no time left to assume anything.

I would like to propose an exercise, which I will be also committed to this week. Anytime you feel like you already know what a person is going to say when she starts talking to you, stop yourself into concluding anything, and actually take the time to listen what she has to say. See how often you would be wrong on your assumptions. If you don’t understand something, ask. As an international student in the US, I wish some people would take the time to listen to me before they give me answers for things I didn’t ask and don’t answer the things I actually needed answers to.