The Power of Vulnerability

I would like to begin my post by thanking my friend, Mariana, for showing me this video. I am always happy to share material with my friends, and discuss issues that are not usually discussed in our daily lives. I would go a step forward and say “the topics we tend to avoid in daily life.”

I was extensively bullied in school, and I am not saying this so that people can feel sorry for me, I am saying this to help you understand where I am coming from. Been bullied shaped me in so many ways, and it is still a big part of the person I am today. It is a part of my story, and the thing I got out of it was this feeling I wasn’t good enough. Of course I grew up (I didn’t grow much taller, but I am glad I at least grew wiser), and I learned a few things more over the years. I would like to share some of that with you, and I will introduce it with this video.

What happens in general is that we avoid talking about our Vulnerability. On one hand, we would like to share this things we feel are our short-comings with people, so that we can feel reassured, and have people tell us we are not half as bad as we think we are, or just start listing all of these other amazing qualities we have. On the other hand, it is just so hard for us to admit to ourselves we feel bad about an aspect of our lives, that the thought of us being the one to point out our flaws ourselves, seems unbearable and unreasonable. Why would I give people information that could possibly be used against us later on?

I believe when people make fun of you is worse than if they had decided to punch you in the face. At least when someone punches you, everybody acknowledges this is violence, and you wouldn’t be judged for trying to protect yourself. When people are making fun of you, you feel inside this unbelievable discomfort, the person who made fun of you is being encouraged by the people around who are just having this great laugh, and you would be judged for having a really bad temper or sense of humor if you try to defend yourself. It is not considered violence, it is funny.

A punch in the face might give you a black eye, but having people make fun of you hurts your self-confidence, your ability to believe in yourself.

People ask me how I find the patience to blog, because they just think it is boring to write everyday. I was always a better writer than a speaker. My thought flow better in characters than in sounds. I think a big part of that is due to the fact I was bullied, I was made fun of, and I did’t feel like there was any room for me to say anything back. I found in paper and ink the way to express myself.

If you were bullied or is being bullied anywhere, school, work, family, friends…find a way to express yourself, even if it is blogging about it.