Geothermal Energy – Iceland

I always get really excited when someone develops technologies to obtain energy through other renewable sources. Iceland just had a breakthrough with geothermal magma-powered geothermal energy.

Unlike wind and solar, magma-powered geothermal energy has the potential to generate energy 24/7.

Iceland already generates 65% of its energy power from geothermal sources. It is amazing the development they are obtaining with renewable energy sources.

 IDDP claims that “the success of this drilling and research is amazing to say the least, and could in the near future lead to a revolution in energy efficiency in high-temperature geothermal areas of the world.”

In order to see the full report, click here.

You might also be interested on this video I watched a couple of months ago, and really enlightened me in how Iceland has been able to develop itself on renewable and unconventional energy sources, as well as how it can be applied to other regions of the Earth.