My daily inception

I set my alarm clock three days a week, on the other four, I like to live dangerously and I don’t set the alarm clock. I still have something to do in the morning, but it isn’t as early, and I am usually up by then. The thing is: even though I am usually up by then, I don’t trust myself, so the inception begins….

I am partially aware of the fact I am aware, and I know I need to wake up, but since I was asleep, I don’t know what time it is. I think of getting my cellphone and look, so that’s what I do, and I convince myself I still have some time to sleep…until I realize I didn’t actually look at my cellphone, my cellphone isn’t even with me, and I fell back asleep and dreamed of doing what I should have done (still partially awake, but still pretty sleepy), so I think – yes, I should really get my phone, and the process keeps happening, I keep deciding I should pick up my phone, and dreaming I did it, and realizing it was a dream, until miraculously I break the cycle and actually open my eyes and pick up the phone….until I realize it was just a dream…hehe, no I was kidding on the last one, I do eventually get up, and about 90% of the time, it is earlier then I actually planned to wake up.

Even though this system works, I think I might as well put an alarm clock to work, because this makes my mornings pretty stressful even before I wake up.