Are all new things a mash-up of what came before? A Q&A with Kirby Ferguson

I actually like reading this discussion on TED, because it summarizes the ideas I have previously opened in in which creativity is one’s ability to view and create connections that haven’t been done before. Knowledge is cumulative, and instead of running from this concept, we should embrace it and profit from the fact we can keep building it and going further than ever before.

TED Blog

Kirby Ferguson speaks at TEDGlobal 2012

In today’s TEDTalk, director Kirby Ferguson outlines a bold vision of creativity — that it’s not about dreaming up a new song, a new piece of art or a new form of technology in a vacuum, but instead about remixing what has come before. In his fast-paced talk, Kirby reveals that many of our most iconic thinkers — from Henry Ford to Bob Dylan — embraced this idea of what it means to create.

As we watched Kirby’s talk, a slew of questions popped to mind. What does this mean for creative people? Can we reach a point where ideas become too self-referential? Is every song a cover song? And so TED’s Ben Lillie called Kirby to discuss and dive further into the ideas he posited in his video series,Everything Is a Remix.

Wehave this intuitive notion of creativity, of this brilliant genius who creates something…

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