Albert, The Genius who failed School…

Education is a topic I like to talk a lot about, perhaps because learning just intrigues me, perhaps because I had a school journey slightly different than most people, and I often found myself unable to fit in regular teaching models.

I like reading about Einstein`s experience and opinions about the general education system. I am not saying I am a genius or anything, but the fact that somebody so incredibly smart and intelligent struggled with school, and just the way things are organized, as a production line of teaching, with quality control in every step…this just makes me feel better.

Products in production lines should pass through standardized quality checks, but they all have the same features, and they will all eventually end up wrapped in equal packages. We are human beings, our package is not the same, and the product inside should definitely not be the same. Whatever happened to creativity, to developing talents, to inspiring minds to go further.

In Economics, especially in few parametrization of the Solow Model for Economic Growth, we see how big a role technology advance has on taking an economy to the next level, breaking boundaries and expanding. When we set our education systems to repeat itself, to “produce” individuals with the same academic background, regardless of what they are interested about, you lose the opportunity to let this same individual to break out of its cocoon and use the wings that will allow not only himself, but the whole humanity to go further and farther than ever before.


That’s when I realize Albert Einstein didn’t fail school…

…school failed Einstein