How to learn a Language in 6 months

Most of the people who know me are really impressed about the languages I speak, but also with how fast I can pick up some pieces of some languages I had never heard before, and acquire this vocabulary for life. Truth is, I didn’t know how I did it. I came across this very interesting video from TED today, that explores the learning phenomenon, and how you can use those discoveries to your advantage to learn faster.

The one thing he didn’t mention which I would probably include if I was the one giving advice is: Have fun with it. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by not being able to pronounce something at first, but rather challenged to master a new skill you didn’t think was possible. I highly enjoy learning different languages because I know it is a world ((or at least a country)) of possibilities that open in ahead of you. There are people on Earth you wouldn’t be able to communicate with if you didn’t challenge yourself to learn this. And, throughout my life, the thing I learned is that people are FASCINATING!

((Eu gostaria de deixar este vídeo como recomendação aos meus ex-alunos de inglês no Luziana Lanna Idiomas. Sei que como tantas vezes na nossa vida, os rumos se cruzam, e depois descruzam, a vida segue. Mas saibam que eu estou eternamente na torcida para o desenvolvimento de vocês em sua habilidade de se superar, de se comunicar, e de conquistar esse mundo que pode parecer enorme, mas dependendo da determinação, pode caber no seu bolso))