The wisdom of Taxi Drivers…

This is probably a really weird thing to talk about, but I have to say, this impresses me indeed.

When I was living back in Brazil, I was always amazed with Taxi drivers. I grew up as an introspective person, so I don’t tend to start conversations. However, I am not a shy person, so I have no problem keep a conversation going, and I tend to be a great listener. For this very reason, taxi drivers love to go on and on and on with me, talking about the weather, the traffic, and how they would solve the problems of our country.

Today, on another hemisphere, in the calm Lawrence-KS, I didn’t take a taxi, but I got Safe Ride. I guess this isn’t a Brazilian thing, this is a human thing, and the driver started talking to me, on the brief way to my house. He picked me up at the library, so he asked what I was doing studying so late. I told him I was getting ready for my finals. He asked my major, and I told him it was Economics. He was quiet for a moment, and told me the same I usually hear from most people: “Wow, you must be smart”. After such a long day, I just told him: “I don’t even know why I like that stuff. I just do.” I paused for a moment and said “Somebody told me once that Economics is the art of knowing tomorrow why the prediction you made yesterday didn’t happen today”. For my big surprise, he said: “Don’t beat yourself up over it. I admire Economists, and I believe the forecasts you guys make don’t become true not because you did something wrong, but because politicians don’t care to listen. Their heads are so full with power they can’t help themselves but act in their own benefit. I wish humanity was mature enough to live in a world without government, but we are only humans”. I this very moment we arrived at our destination, I wished him good night, and I can only wonder where all this wisdom from taxi drivers come from.