House Vs. Home

I bought a new chair for my balcony today, and as I was sitting on it today, observing the wind shaking the trees, I began reflecting about what is the difference between a house and home.

In Brazil, we say home is where your heart is. Home is not a place, is a concept much deeper than this. A house is a building, a thing, a place. We can lock our house, we buy it, or we rent it. House is a storage of the things you own. But what is home?

Home is where you find your element, the place you are never lost. Home is where you feel safe, where the environment and you become one, you reflect your home, and your home reflects you. Home tells a story, captures your features, embraces your personality. Home is where the bed is comfortable and the pillow knows exactly how your head likes to be.

When I came here, to the States, I wasn`t sure how things would turn out to be. I left my home, and I found a new house. I filled my new house from things I brought from home. But my house, still isn`t home. Today, when I got my new chair, and I was staring at the view from my little balcony, I realized my future is still uncertain, but I will be here for a really long time. I started to think at all the things that made my home feel like home, and how much this house is still a house. But the big point is: I want to feel home.

I am not sure how and when this will happen, or if I will notice the change. Maybe one day, out of the blue, I will suddenly feel home, but as for now, I will keep trying to make my house as cozy as possible, waiting for the day this will finally be home.