It is all about perspective

100_4284Albert Einstein was probably not only the smartest, but also one of the wisest men in contemporary human history. His great discovery:

Everything is relative

It seems such a simple and yet labored concept. Things aren’t what they are by themselves, but they are in context, with regards to everything else around them. This applies to physics, but also to our own lives.

This picture was taken by me in Chicago last week, an overwhelmingly big city, full of people, full of buildings. I come from a big city in Brazil, but even for me the height of the building and skyscrapers was impressive and eye-catching. But my favorite art about the city wasn’t the buildings, the stores, the people, the cafés. I loved the flowers – tulips, violets, lavender, and so many others my Southern-hemisphere eyes had never seen. They seemed small among all of those majestic architectural creations, maybe even unnoticeable to distracted individuals, but they were important to me. Under my sight, they were big, perfect, delicate and beautiful. They caught my eyes, because I was looking for them.

Whenever your problems seem big and happiness small in your daily lives, stop and think: What are you looking for today? Did you notice the flowers, so beautiful and yet, so easy to miss.