The unfulfilled dream

20140708-175145-64305796.jpgThere is nothing more bitter than the taste of being defeated. As humans, we are not prepared to deal with loss, defeat, the unfulfilled dream. Brazil today experienced the most traumatic outcome we could expect in a World Cup.

In 1998, I cried during the final match we lost to France…it was like swimming to save our lives after a shipwreck, and finally dying on the shore. But today, the feeling wasn’t the same. There were tears, not of sadness, but those of true despair. Everybody around me in complete silence, trying to believe what was happening. It felt as if time had suddenly stopped, and everything just seemed like a bad nightmare…a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from.

Yes, defeat hurts, really badly, inside the heart. The jersey that had brought me so much joy, now seemed to suffocate me, and I fought for breath. But tomorrow is a new day, and life goes on. As the trauma is over, I realize there is nothing to feel ashamed for. Even if Germany wins the final round, they will have four stars on their jersey, above their shield, while we still have five. We are true champions, despite today’s fiasco. We are a wonderful country, a great nation, and we are semi-finalists on a FIFA World Cup, which is much more than many countries can hope for. I’ve cried, I’ve smiled, I’ve screamed GOAL until my lungs couldn’t handle anymore, all with a yellow shirt. I20140708-175158-64318836.jpg am a proud Brazilian citizen, and no match, no sport, nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

I would like to personally thank Oscar for the goal he made during this very difficult time.

I wish the best luck for finalists, you have already played bravely so far, and a victory will be well-deserved.