He was a person like a hundred thousand other persons…

He was a person like a hundred thousand persons, but I’ve made him a friend. Now, he is unique in all the world.

The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

This truth seems to be self-explanatory. As a matter of fact, it has been noticed by many throughout history, but often forgotten on our daily lives. When the book “The Little Prince” was written, there were only 2 billion people in the world. Today, we are over 7 billion, and the idea of being unique in all the world seems more and more unreasonable.

I’ve traveled and lived in almost every corner of the Earth, and made friends from places I’d never thought possible to find; places that beforehand were nothing more than a name on a geography textbook, but now have a face, a personality, and many stories from their far homeland. They were places like a hundred thousand other places, but there I’ve made a friend, and now it is unique in all the world.

But as I go from one place to another, the world seems to get smaller…and also bigger. The difficulty to re-meet the friendly faces get harder and harder, and distance hurts.

Life goes on, I meet new people, make new friends, that become to me also unique in all the world. My world and my life fill up each day with unique and irreplaceable people, and the nostalgia I thought I could no longer bear inside of me, grows even more; inside my heart that is now filled with nothing but friends and missing.

But as Aristotle used to say:

il_fullxfull.302581028I’ve left with my friends around the world a little piece of my soul, for them to care and remember somebody also unique they’d met in this world: Me!