The South Cross

Living in the United States makes me miss a lot of things from my homeland: The food, the weather, the people, the music, the landscape…but there is one thing I miss so much I feel like I will never find myself at home: The sky! The stars I see on the northern hemisphere are not the same I see on the south, and there were always something comforting for me on looking up and recognizing the constelations. I’ve been doing it since I was a little child. It calms me down. I know it doesn’t matter how much things change in my life, it is all so small compaired to the greatness of the Universe; the stars I’ve know since I was young, they are always there. But now, when I look up the sky, I can’t recognize the stars, I don’t know their names, I no longer find recomforting looking up the sky.

Among all the stars and constelations up in the sky, there is one in particular that means the most to me: The South Cross! I feel like the South Cross is God’s gift to us, we know He is always there to guide us, like our ancestors were guided centuries and millenniuns before, knowing they were on the right track, because the South Cross points South.

On the Brazilian flag, each star corresponds to one state, but the location the stars occupy on the flag are the same they had on the moment of our independence. If a person on the very instant of our liberty conquest had look up the sky, one would get to see the same image we have the priviledge of seeing everytime we look at our flag. Coincidence or not, the star on my flag that corresponds to my state “Minas Gerais” is the star on the right arm of the South Cross.

But the South Cross isn’t just important for Brazilians, but also to most people who live on the South Hemisphere. The South Cross is part of the flag in:





Christmas Island

Cocos Island

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea


Maybe one day I will too get to know the Northern sky, and be able to find the same comfort I’ve always found, that my ancestors have always found on looking up the sky and realizing all the stars you know are still there, giving light on even the darkest night.