What is learning

This was taken from “How learning works”, a book from Richard E. Mayer that I am currently reading.


The first thing that caught my attention is the idea that learning is a process, not a product. The journey of exploring, and discovering, and comprehending the world around you, this is learning. This also means that it is not done, so anytime you want to go baack through the process, you can. And each time, the experience will be slightly different, because of the second aspect of learning: It changes you. If you are no longer the same person, your experience cannot possibly be the same. So you learn something new, and as you go through the learning process, it changes you, it changes your ideas, it changes your perspectives.
The very last point tells me something that I`ve long intuitively perceived: You cannot teach anybody anything. You can merely point them out into the right direction, but the choice to go through the journey is solely upon the individual. Are they willing to be transformed?