Mineroduto Minas Rio – Anglo American

I am from a state in Brazil called Minas Gerais, a place of mountains and full of natural resources, among which minerals from iron to diamonds are found. All throughout our history, mining has been the main source of GDP value generation of our economy. However, we have no access to the coast, making freight costs for exportation really high, taking away our competitive edge. It has been the case for centuries, up until now.

Anglo American has proposed and executed an extraordinary and ambitious project – The World’s biggest Minerals’ Pipeline. Watch the video below:


A tremendous amount of resources were invested in this project, hundreds of thousand of people were employed, and it is the beauty of engineering bringing progress. The pipeline operates almost solely by gravity force throughout its extensions, taking advantage of the high altitude of our state versus the low altitude of the coast.

The project, in my eyes, could be the new “Estrada Real”, the very first road opened from Minas Gerais to the coast, aiming to transport gold on the 18th century, during our gold cycle.

Congrats to Anglo American for pulling this project through, and a special congratulations to my father, Mr. Dutra, the Construction Manager for this amazing project. I am really proud!