A fair die…

I was hanging up on 9gag, one of my sources for entertainment, when I came across this post about a solid gold die, made b this person’s grandfather in 1978.
What reall caught my attention wasn’t the fact that the die was made of solid gold, or the possible history behind, or anything of the sort. The only thing I could think of: This is not a fair die. The spots are also made out of metal, and the more spots you have, the less likely this die would be to fall with this side face up. It just made me wonder if the objective at manufacturing it would have been for it to have any real life application. Also, it made me want to keep rolling it and computing the results, to see to which extent the difference in mass would impact the outcomes and related probability.
That was when I stopped myself andd thought: What am I doing? Is everything statistics now? Sadly, apparently that is the case. Knowledge changes you, and the way you see the world.