Truth Vs. Facts

I`ve been recently thinking about people`s concept of the truth. We often have this misguided idea that we have the truth once we have facts. One of the most interesting books I`ve ever read is called the Half-Life of Facts, and the author dedicated himself to understanding how facts change over time. At some point in time the known facts were that the Earth was flat and that smoking was good for you. They were facts, but they weren’t the truth.
Truth is (and I know I am putting myself on the line here) is that the truth in unknown, and we try to grasp it using many tools – Science, Logic, Analogy, Patterns…
We say we only use about 10% of our brain. Ultimately, who got to this conclusion was someone’s brain. So you have a brain saying that it isn’t fully being used….this is what I would call an inception fact…
I think we should set our prides aside, go back to Plato, cause I think he was on the right track…There exists a world called the world of ideas, where everything we see is some distorted version of this world. How can we recognize that a tree is a tree if all trees look different? Because we find enough evidence on what we see to associate it with the conceptual tree, the true tree if you may. Similarly, a chair is a chair because we find enough evidence to associate it with the true chair, the concept of chair.
Now, one of my favorite examples is the metaphor. Metaphors are a language resource, widly used in many different languages. What it communicates isn’t a fact, so on our narrow mind concepts we tend to say: it is not true. However, it does communicate an idea, and the resource used is to ease one’s assimilation of a complex subject using a familiar topic. Ultimately, if the intended concept was transmited from one human being to the other, and mutually comprehended, then it might not have been a fact, but it served its purpose, and ergo, it might just have been the truth.