Global Christian

jesus birthIt has come again that time of year, where we get together to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Years before, I’d spent some time trying to recover the true meaning of Christmas, and talking about how people nowadays are making something else out of it. Not this year. This year I am full of Joy, because I got to spend my first year in the United States, surrounded by wonderful people, with whom I grew in Friendship and Faith. I will spend sometime today talking about being a Global Christian.

Since I was very young, I always had a hard time answering the question: “Where are you from?” I knew where I was born, where my parents were from, but I’ve had a pretty nomad life up until this point. My identity as a person wasn’t so much related to where I was from, but with the fact that I had lived everywhere. One day, as I was in Church, I heard the priest say: The church is all of God’s people. That’s where I was from, that’s where I belong. No matter where I go, I know I can always find some Christians, and a Church, and even if I don’t understand the language, I can understand the message: It is God’s love being shared right there. I know the costumes, I know the culture, I know the values. I know what they are looking for. More importantly, I know they are looking for the same things I am: A way to fulfill our mission on Earth, make our little place a little more holy, love one another regardless of their ethnic background, because we are all God’s creation. So this Christmas, I want to celebrate our Unity as Christians worldwide, in the midst of such a divided world.