The Gift of Life

It is December 24th, and time for my Christmas’ post for the year; and I chose to talk about a cause that is very dear to my heart: Giving Blood.

Christmas and the Holidays bring up the spirit of celebration, and people are inspired to think of others, to develop empathy, to ultimately perform purchases not for oneself, but for their loved ones. It seems as if selfishness and greediness are replaced with kindness and altruism.

Those feelings can also be mixed up with frustration by desiring to provide others with something you can’t afford. The Holidays when an economy is going through a crisis, when families are being haunted by unemployment and the fear of not being able to make ends meet can turn into a real Nightmare before Christmas. So what can we do if all we want is to do good?

Well, the nature of good is to be a  free, total and fruitful gift of self. In order to do good, no money is necuntitledessary, no shopping, neither wrappings nor boxes. I encourage you this year to think about the many ways you can hop in the holiday spirit and do good, to be a  free, total and fruitful gift of self. Truth is, it takes even more commitment and love to do so than to purchase gifts (not that those aren’t important, but they aren’t the only way to love).

This morning I went to the local blood bank and donated life. I gave blood. I made sure a person who needs it can have a chance of recovery, a family can get to keep on having a loved one for at least one more Christmas.

Merry Christmas every one! May God bless you and your family, and that we all remember how important and rewarding it is to choose to do good.