Human Nature and the Economist’s Mission

I just finished up this great book called “Created for Greatness – The Power of Magnanimity” by Alexandre Havard, and it got me thinking to a lot of things. One of them in… Continuar lendo

What if life only really has two days…

Mark Twain once said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” If that truly is the case, we should… Continuar lendo

Céu em Camadas

O céu em camadas, o vento batendo, é a natureza no Kansas se aproveitando do ultimo mes antes de estar coberta de neve: foto de trás do predio de Economia (que Não à… Continuar lendo

PhD – The Transition from Consumption to Production

Para português, clique aqui. Getting a PhD is no easy task. I’ve never deluded myself into thinking so, after all, doctorate degrees aren’t offered as cereal box prizes. I knew it would be… Continuar lendo

The dark humor of Grad School

On the fourth day of Fall Break, of which a 100% spent by both me and a colleague in the office catching up with work for the semester, the following conversation takes place:… Continuar lendo

The decision to go to Grad School – Signaling game with intertemporal externality

There is extensive literature in Game Theory which approaches graduate education as a signaling game. I will give a brief expanation of this is, but if you feel like you would like to… Continuar lendo

Bounded Rationality….We are only humans…

From the assumptions in the field of Economics, one that is constantly criticized in and outside the field is rationality. Among many things of human existence, perhaps the concept of rationality is just… Continuar lendo

Better Children for Our World

First definition of Economics we see is “the study of how people allocate scarce resources.” The key here is “allocation” which implies a decision-making process and “scarce”, which implies a trade-off due to… Continuar lendo

O Segredo da Sombra

O ser humano busca traduzir o meio em que vive em palavras, frases, metáforas e tantas outras figuras de linguagem. Dentre estas, associações com a sombra parecem ser recorrentes, associadas às mais diversas… Continuar lendo

The untouchable dimension “Time”

How often do you catch yourself or somebody else saying the phrase: “I have no time”. Having no time per se isn’t particularly different then saying: I have no space, in which we… Continuar lendo

The so called Economic Environment

Much of the early-on Undergrad-ECON classes focus on recognizing in what consists and Economic Environment and how it affect consumer’s willingness to pay for a certain good and/or supplier’s willingness to exchange his… Continuar lendo

Externality and Trees

Externality is an Economic concept that arises whenever private parties fail to perceive some implicit cost or benefit due to the decisions they make. Is one of the forms of “Market Failure” that… Continuar lendo

Was Math discovered or created?

This question has roots more deep than our reason can comprehend. Ultimately, it gets to the question of existence itself. Many philoshophers and scientists have battled with that very same question mark: How… Continuar lendo

The Pursuit of Happiness – What a task!

Macroeconomics has many different models. Essentially, every single model seems to be such an absurd abstraction from reality that one may ask oneself: What do we learn from such unrealistic models? The answer… Continuar lendo