Memento Homo

With exams coming up, is very easy to panic, to study much, to sleep less. The tight timeframe becomes a weight, it limits you, but at the same time, it increases your productivity.… Continuar lendo

The sacrifices…

As I was studying this afternoon and I pulled a new sheet of paper, I suddenly realized how many trees were sacrificed for my studies. Here is my sincere thank you to all… Continuar lendo

A fair die…

I was hanging up on 9gag, one of my sources for entertainment, when I came across this post about a solid gold die, made b this person’s grandfather in 1978. What reall caught… Continuar lendo

Quasilinear Utility and Preferences

Great video on quasilinearity. Good for a quick review, or to get familiarized with the topic to start with.

Políticas Públicas – Uma trajetória metafórica

O Brasil é um dos pouquíssimos países do mundo onde o voto é compulsorio, e infelizmente às vezes esquecemos que votar é um direito, antes de ser dever. As pessoas com frequência me… Continuar lendo

The Peter Pan Syndrome in Academia

When you are on a PhD Program where you take PhD level courses and teaching undergraduate level courses, there is an interesting phenomenon that happens that I could easily compare to Peter Pan… Continuar lendo

The teacher’s mission

Sometimes it is a battle, a struggle, a true challenge. Being a teacher is the ultimate effort to decode information, transmit an idea, the the bridge in the gap, help build an understanding.… Continuar lendo

Mineroduto Minas Rio – Anglo American

I am from a state in Brazil called Minas Gerais, a place of mountains and full of natural resources, among which minerals from iron to diamonds are found. All throughout our history, mining… Continuar lendo

What is learning

This was taken from “How learning works”, a book from Richard E. Mayer that I am currently reading. The first thing that caught my attention is the idea that learning is a process,… Continuar lendo

An Imaginary friend…We’ve all had it!

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Two choices….

Every morning we have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

Perspectives on Trade

A fundamental aspect of economy is trade. Many like to attribute trade to systems such as Mercantilism or Capitalism. Truth is, trading evolved with human beings since ancient times.It involves recognizing different abilities… Continuar lendo

60 Seconds Adventures in Economics

I of course have a few reservations regarding all the theories cited in this video, but the main idea is very clear: Understanding how the Economy works is something much sophisticated to capture… Continuar lendo

Opportunity costs – it`s all about giving up

Economists are widely known for overcomplicating things. I wouldn`t argue with that statement, but through my eyes I could see people oversimplifying it. Economics is all about expanding your notion of the ordinary,… Continuar lendo