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Building Bridges

Why do we recognize all trees as trees if they are all different from each other? This question has enchanted many people throughout the years, and around 400 B.C. Plato came up with… Continuar lendo

Ever changing…

Why is grammar important? Is it ok for people to just not follow it? There is an issue that comes even before this one, which is: Why do we need to communicate? What`s… Continuar lendo

How to learn a Language in 6 months

Most of the people who know me are really impressed about the languages I speak, but also with how fast I can pick up some pieces of some languages I had never heard… Continuar lendo

Project Management – Lack of Communication

As a BA Management and Pricing Analyst in a big company, I do know a thing or two about Project Management. There is always a lot of planning, endless meetings and follow ups,… Continuar lendo