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PhD – The Transition from Consumption to Production

Para português, clique aqui. Getting a PhD is no easy task. I’ve never deluded myself into thinking so, after all, doctorate degrees aren’t offered as cereal box prizes. I knew it would be… Continuar lendo

The dark humor of Grad School

On the fourth day of Fall Break, of which a 100% spent by both me and a colleague in the office catching up with work for the semester, the following conversation takes place:… Continuar lendo

The decision to go to Grad School – Signaling game with intertemporal externality

There is extensive literature in Game Theory which approaches graduate education as a signaling game. I will give a brief expanation of this is, but if you feel like you would like to… Continuar lendo

The Peter Pan Syndrome in Academia

When you are on a PhD Program where you take PhD level courses and teaching undergraduate level courses, there is an interesting phenomenon that happens that I could easily compare to Peter Pan… Continuar lendo

Você sabe que não está dormindo o suficiente quando…

Ultimamente, levando em consideração a semana de provas, eu resolvi trocar o Netflix e as diversões usuais por vídeo aulas das universidades de Yale, MIT, Berkeley…ou simplesmente Khan Academy. Eu descobri que é… Continuar lendo

Textbooks for Game Theory

For those of you who are studying Game Theory, or interested in the field, I would like to advise and possibly offer a few options when it comes to textbooks. I am currently… Continuar lendo

Arrumação do Apartamento

Estou atualmente em um ponto de inflexão da curva….só não digo qual…heheh