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The dark humor of Grad School

On the fourth day of Fall Break, of which a 100% spent by both me and a colleague in the office catching up with work for the semester, the following conversation takes place:… Continuar lendo

Where “Ho, Ho, Ho” comes from…

An Imaginary friend…We’ve all had it!

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Linear Algebra and Proposals…

After studying a semester of Linear Algebra, you start to get use to proofs. No proposition, Theorem or Corollary comes across without a structured proof. As a matter of fact, a few years… Continuar lendo

Disorganized Anonymous

I should totally found this group, Disorganized Anonymous. The meeting would start with: Hello, my name is Jéssica, and I am disorganized. Then the entire crowd would say: Hi Jéssica. So I would… Continuar lendo

Friends in stats will appreciate it…

Sometimes I surprise myself on the kind of things that make me laugh

Algebra joke

Those silly moments that bring joy to my life. Thank you Juan Dutra for sharing this great joke. I am good at algebra. I can replace your X and you wouldn’t need to… Continuar lendo

Para começar bem o dia

E assim nasceu Jesus

Essa história,  que todos já sabemos de cor,  mas nos esquecemos quando o assunto é Natal,  contado com muito bom humor e essa falta cearense que eu tanto adoro e tanto me faz… Continuar lendo

Frase da Semana

Um dia a Mão Invisível tentou atacar Chuck Norris, e nunca mais foi vista…

Best Joke ever

Pi and the squared root of negative one were having a discussion; So the squared root of negative one said: <<Stop being so irrational!>> and pi said <<would you just get real?>>