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Como fazer Doutorado em Economia no Exterior

Desde que comecei a fazer meu PhD em Economia na University of Kansas, recebi muitas perguntas acerca do processo de como fazer doutorado fora. Então, resolvi organizar a informação aqui, para que fique… Continuar lendo

The great danger…

As I finish my first year of Graduate studies here in the US, and fly back to Brazil for a warm Christmas, some sort of flashback of memories and people fill my head.… Continuar lendo

The Peter Pan Syndrome in Academia

When you are on a PhD Program where you take PhD level courses and teaching undergraduate level courses, there is an interesting phenomenon that happens that I could easily compare to Peter Pan… Continuar lendo


I’ve recently tried finding some good online courses on the topic σ-fields and I just had the hardest time. It was never exactly what I needed. So, I found this youtube video, which… Continuar lendo

Two sciences, one building

At The University of Kansas, Snow Hall is the home of both Economics and Mathematics departments. Since I`ve started my undergraduate studies in Economics, I’ve been frequently received two popular opinions: people either… Continuar lendo

62nd Annual Festival of Nations University of Kansas

  Representing Brazil is not only a great honor, but a huge responsibility.  Brazil is incredibly diverse, in culture, in features. We are all mixed. You cannot find a random person and say… Continuar lendo

Textbooks for Game Theory

For those of you who are studying Game Theory, or interested in the field, I would like to advise and possibly offer a few options when it comes to textbooks. I am currently… Continuar lendo

Seminar with Tom Coleman @KU

The guest speaker for the Seminar this Friday at the Economics Department was Tom Coleman, from The University of Chicago. As usual, I added a link for his Profile Page at UChicago. The… Continuar lendo

Sensação térmica -29°C

Que climinha bacana para ir para a faculdade.

The answer: getting my PhD!

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (3rd Edition) 2003

Roger Perman, Yue Ma, Michael Common, David Maddison, James Mcgilvray Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (3rd Edition) 2003 Textbook for ECON 610 at the University of Kansas. Environmental Economics

Reasons to Pursue a PhD

I was randomly looking at Greg Mankiws main posts on his website, and I came across this post: “PhD or not?” and the title called my attention, since I have literally just started… Continuar lendo

A great place to be…

Queridos, Sei que saber onde é o Kansas não é algo simples, e as pessoas sabem pouco ou quase nada sobre este lugar, que se tornará meu lar, pelo menos pelos próximos 5… Continuar lendo

New beginnings… novos começos

This is my first bilingual post. For English, read the bottom half. Semana passada postei sobre o tempo, sua não linearidade,  suas peculiaridades e seus ciclos. Assim como o tempo, a vida tem… Continuar lendo