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Is the world random?

This may sound to you like a pretty philosophical question, but I would like to go mathematical for a minute (bear with me)…then yeah, let’s get philosophical (because observation can only take you so… Continuar lendo

Stereotypes and Asymmetric Information Markets

One of the most criticized forms of preconception is indeed the stereotypes. Stereotypes are dangerous and often misleading,  which makes us wonder why do they exist? Where did they come from? When you… Continuar lendo

A fair die…

I was hanging up on 9gag, one of my sources for entertainment, when I came across this post about a solid gold die, made b this person’s grandfather in 1978. What reall caught… Continuar lendo

Friends in stats will appreciate it…

Seminar with Tom Coleman @KU

The guest speaker for the Seminar this Friday at the Economics Department was Tom Coleman, from The University of Chicago. As usual, I added a link for his Profile Page at UChicago. The… Continuar lendo