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How to learn a Language in 6 months

Most of the people who know me are really impressed about the languages I speak, but also with how fast I can pick up some pieces of some languages I had never heard… Continuar lendo

The Power of Vulnerability

I would like to begin my post by thanking my friend, Mariana, for showing me this video. I am always happy to share material with my friends, and discuss issues that are not… Continuar lendo

Está Estressado? Que Bom!

For English, Click Here Para aqueles que me conhecem, isso não será um choque, mas eu sou alguém extremamente ansiosa e estressada. Assistir este vídeo me deu uma novas perspectiva em como lidar… Continuar lendo

Are you under Stress, Good for you!

Para Português, clique aqui. For those who know me, this won’t come as shock, but I am a pretty anxious and stressed out person, and watching this video, it gave me a whole… Continuar lendo

Maps and Conventions…

I was watching this TED video on youtube And it got me thinking about the assets we want for maps. A map is essentially a summary of information to guide you, to show… Continuar lendo

It is not about spotting a lie, but seeking the truth.