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Céu em Camadas

O céu em camadas, o vento batendo, é a natureza no Kansas se aproveitando do ultimo mes antes de estar coberta de neve: foto de trás do predio de Economia (que Não à… Continuar lendo

America – The Old New World

I have had this year the great honor to have my homeland host the FIFA World Cup 2014, and to be able to come back here and witness such a great event. I… Continuar lendo

Textbooks for Game Theory

For those of you who are studying Game Theory, or interested in the field, I would like to advise and possibly offer a few options when it comes to textbooks. I am currently… Continuar lendo

Seminar with Tom Coleman @KU

The guest speaker for the Seminar this Friday at the Economics Department was Tom Coleman, from The University of Chicago. As usual, I added a link for his Profile Page at UChicago. The… Continuar lendo

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (3rd Edition) 2003

Roger Perman, Yue Ma, Michael Common, David Maddison, James Mcgilvray Natural Resource and Environmental Economics (3rd Edition) 2003 Textbook for ECON 610 at the University of Kansas. Environmental Economics