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Is the world random?

This may sound to you like a pretty philosophical question, but I would like to go mathematical for a minute (bear with me)…then yeah, let’s get philosophical (because observation can only take you so… Continuar lendo

Building Bridges

Why do we recognize all trees as trees if they are all different from each other? This question has enchanted many people throughout the years, and around 400 B.C. Plato came up with… Continuar lendo

Better Children for Our World

First definition of Economics we see is “the study of how people allocate scarce resources.” The key here is “allocation” which implies a decision-making process and “scarce”, which implies a trade-off due to… Continuar lendo

“As pessoas são solitárias porque constroem muros ao invés de pontes”

Esta citação retirada do livro O Pequeno Príncipe (Le Petit Prince) De Antoine de Saint-Exupéry me veio à memória hoje enquanto editava um vídeo a respeito da queda do muro de Berlim.  … Continuar lendo

How to learn a Language in 6 months

Most of the people who know me are really impressed about the languages I speak, but also with how fast I can pick up some pieces of some languages I had never heard… Continuar lendo

Back to flags…

Flags of different countries drawn by nature

A nice way to celebrate the opening of winter Olympics… For those of my friends whose flags were not portrait in this picture, I would like to encourage you to take a picture… Continuar lendo

Maps and Conventions…

I was watching this TED video on youtube And it got me thinking about the assets we want for maps. A map is essentially a summary of information to guide you, to show… Continuar lendo

I am glad people can taste our coffee worldwide…